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Phillip Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone


Angel Brault's picture

OMG i love this song you play with ur leftet


Adrian Sola's picture

I saw you in Buenos Aires. You're great, man. Thanks and God bless you.

Kenta Takahashi's picture

Hello, my name is Kenta Takahashi from Japan. I happened to know Phillip Phillips song 'Gone Gone Gone' and really love it!!! So heart warming and encouraging. Thank you for this beautiful song. I really would like to make a video inspired by this song for an organization that I run in Japan. This organization is called The SALTY, The School of leadership by talents, and holds speech sessions by young professionals in various field for teenagers to think and learn for their future. This is 100% not for profit and based on the principal philosophy of Christianity. Is it possible to use 'Gone Gone Gone' as a background music for our original video of picture slide show and upload to Youtube for our promotional purpose? This is only to let more people know about us and attract more young people in Japan to join our events. Of course I will note that the music and lyrics are protected by copyrights and no one can violate this without prior permission by you. It would be great if you can take a moment on this as a consideration and provide me a permission on my request. Here's a link to our web site for you reference, though it's all in Japanese. I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Regards, Kenta Takahashi

Brandon Beaverstock's picture

This song is my favourite of all. I know every word off by heart.