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Phillip Performs "Raging Fire" For The Best Moments From The NHL Awards

Watch Phillip perform "Raging Fire" in Vegas for the Best Moments of the NHL Awards here:




Phil Serrins's picture

I was in Vegas for the show it was a fun place to see a show but for the first time Phillip was a disappointment! I have been a fan since Phillip's audition for American Idol and he was my pick from that day on. I took my staff two years ago for there Xmas gift to see him in San Diego (he did a great job) and everyone loved the show.
But this show was much more rock almost heavy medial. I realize we get bored singing the same songs the same way but to change so many when you only do an hour show was not good. I felt like I was at a Kenny Wayne Sheppard show and Phillip was the front man and lead singer but the "Star" was the lead guitarist. When you sang you sounded great so I don't think it was a voice thing.
I hope as an artist if Phillip sees my comments he realizes I want greatness for this kid not a flash in the pan and with achieving greatness we all have to compromise especially when we're starting out.
Phillip I love your art I'm 65 years old and have seen more acts then most people ever will. YOU have what it takes to be around for a long time I hope you don't through it away.
I know you want out of your contract and I agree with you on that point I hope this is not you getting back at them as it really only hurts you.
Saturday night Matt Hutchinson was the star on that stage not the guy I drove over 600 miles to see.
Hoping to see you back on track